Monday, November 14, 2011


Despite the early iTunes release of The Art of Flight, I thought I'd wait until the movie theater premiere to watch it the first time on the big screen. Eventually I didn't make the premiere and had to watch it on my computer screen anyways. Regardless. One part that stood out to me was Travis Rice and Nico Müller riding natural terrain. I remembered this photo I took of them back in 2005. We just cruised Zurich that afternoon and came across this pile of junk, they quickly posed, I took one frame and we moved on. Shot on a roll of Kodak Portra NC with a Nikon FM, 50mm. A small camera with all the functionality of a big SLR (i.e. F5) minus the motor drive. There's still no equivalent in the digital world, neither to this type of film.

Nicolas Müller and Travis Rice in Zürich, 2005.

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