Wednesday, March 31, 2010

March 2010 wrap-up

For shooting snowboarding the weather is a crucial factor. The past month was special, cause to sum up the weather conditions we had on all our trips, then I'm left to say it was consistently bad. But I've been on the road with great people, it was a lot of fun, good memories. Check out some photos from this month on the road.

Shayne Pospisil, Niseko, Japan.

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Every year the elite freeride skiers and snowboarders gather in Verbier, Switzerland to compete at the Verbier Extreme. It's a pretty insane show they put on, much respect! I went there to shoot the SWATCH ProTeam, but not while actually competing. My mission was to grab the athletes when ever possible / appropriate and shoot portraits and lifestyle. Not an easy task, they have a very tight schedule during the competition. Once they're done competing all the pressure seems to fall off them and they party like it's 1999. And there you are the next morning with some hung over guys in a random hotel lobby shooting portraits... haha

Here are some examples:

Seb Michaud

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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Japan Trip Slideshow

travel, city cruising, fog, pow, endless hours in cars, hot pow, night shred, icy conditions, food adventures. We had it all on our trip to Japan, but most of all we had fun. Many thanks to the riders Fredrik, Christophe, Shayne, Ai and Massa and of course Bernd and Testuso.

Slideshow HEAD Snowboards Japan Trip from Christian Brecheis on Vimeo.

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Update - Just received the link to the little video we shot there. Camera & edit by Felix Urbauer and additional filming by the entire crew since we had a bunch of nifty GoPro cameras and Flip Cams. You can see me high five'en at 1:37 ;)

HEAD Japan 2010 – Exploring Nippon from HEAD Snowboards on Vimeo.