Monday, October 20, 2008

Bolivia - some shots

It's pretty hard to sum up what we did in Bolivia in a few words only. Basically Sepalot was holding some music workshops to get the kids away from the street. I have to say it worked amazingly well. It was cool to see those kids rallying arround something they liked. In the end they formed a band, exchanged contacts and made friends.

at lake titicaca, kid with al paca (small llama)

"super market"

portrait of the city's electric

clinker dominates the look in La Paz

La Paz at night with a 6.000m mountain in the backgr.

breakdance battle at the concert

at lake titicaca

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Bolivia Updates

Lot's of stuff going on here in La Paz. Sepalot is keeping a daily Blog over here. Go check it out. As well he's using some of my snapshots on his blog, hope you enjoy. We'll be heading home in a few days, I'll have a little recap ready for the blog by then.

Meanwhile, enjoy a good cup of Coca Tea...:

Friday, October 3, 2008

Just arrived in Bolivia

It's been a long travel to Bolivia. Spent nearly 30hrs netto time in planes and on airports. Got into La Paz at 2am yesterday. I'm doing a documentary of Sepalot's trip down here, a Munich based DJ, Producer, Musician; who's holding some workshops and got a bunch of DJ gigs in town. With not much sleep it's been an exhausting day at close to 4.000 meters over sea level. We went to a press conference and then cruised town for a bit.

Sepalot doing some interviews

aimlessly wandering arround

a dried llama baby

cable chaos. by the way, the press conference got interrupted by a black out. now wonder when you look at the power lines here.
cable beauty