Saturday, January 28, 2012


There's this running gag among snowboard filmers / photographers that the only riding we get to do is photobackpack sideslipping. It wasn't like that on our recent Catboarding trip to Canada. We did so little hiking but so many runs that I got to ride my snowboard quite a bunch. To bring home some proof Shayne Pospisil gave me his GoPro for a run, so here're two screengrabs of me in action. Good times!

Saturday, January 14, 2012


Travel season began. A few snaps from the road going from Germany to Canada.

meals (really?), airports and a honest laugh at a passport picture

middle of nowhere, small towns, grocery shopping (543$) and the couches at our place

Thursday, January 5, 2012



Torstein Horgmo Portraits für das Pleasure Magazin. Fotografiert in Frankreich gegen 23.30 Uhr auf einer Toilette, die während dem Shoot von drei Leuten 'besucht' wurde. Erst leicht verwirrte Blicke wegen unserem Blitz Setup, dann der beißende Geruch des Sprühlacks. Nervöse Geschäfte. Wir haben so lange draußen gewartet. Was einem eben drei X-Games Goldmedaillen und Triple Corks so einbringen, mehr Torstein Fakten gibt's auf Wikipedia.

The latest issue of Pleasure Magazin (no 'e', it's German) just hit newsstands, featuring Torstein Horgmo's interview. We shot the portraits at around 11.30pm in a restroom in France. We had three visitors during our shoot who gave us some nervous looks when entering the toilet. We had some lights set up, then there was the smell of the spray paint, all kinda suspicious. We patiently waited outside. Triple X-Games Gold, Triple Corks and some more facts about Torstein can be found on Wikipedia.