Monday, February 23, 2009

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Austria - Powder

After my trip to Italy I went to Austria for a one day mission to shoot some powder before the weather turns bad and starts snowing again.

powder turn bypass

How to make magazine submissions easy with iDisk

Apple recently released another feature for the iDisk which is part of the mobileme package. With that you can share files easily over your iDisk which offers 20 GB storage or even more if you upgrade.

Many people already have a mobile me account to sync their iPhone, to use the eMail account, iChat, etc. but this is another great feature.

The new sharing option is a great tool for photographers who want to send a submission to a magazine they've never worked with and don't yet have their FTP info, or the magazine doesn't even have a FTP (yes, still happens). You don't want to send your work loose in an eMail and bulk someones account with all the photos attached. Creating a download link with mobileme is a great way to deliver large files to your recipient.

  • First make a tight selection only of your best shots you want to submit
  • compress the folder with your selection as a zip archive or just upload the folder to your iDisk and create an zip archive using the web-based tool
  • use the upload option, store the file in any folder on your iDisk
  • using the mobile me web interface, click on the file and see the button "Share File..." appear on the right under the items description
  • click on it and you'll get a pop up, see screenshot below
  • now you can set how many days you want to share the file, means how long people can access the download link, and create a password if you want to

  • if you don't want to use the built in email function, you can simply copy the download link from the menu and paste it into your email
extra tip: if you're not happy with the browser upload tool, some FTP clients can deal with iDisk as well, Transmit is worth a look.

It took Apple a little while to release the "sharing" feature since they announced the mobile me service. It's a great alternative to web based file delivery services and many people already have an account anyways.

new feature on the blog

this is a pretty sweet new feature - you can now subscribe to my blog via eMail. Just click on the link in the menu bar on the right or follow this link. You'll get an eMail with my new blog post every time I post something here.

No new post on this blog = no eMail for you - no spam. This service is provided by Feedburner (Google).

Friday, February 13, 2009

new blog - work examples

I started a new blog to show examples of my work. Not only do I show tear sheets from published photos in magazines, I also post other examples such as POP material, in-store merchandise, websites, billboards, etc.

point your browser to: to check it out

you'll find a link in the navi bar on the right of this blog

Thursday, February 12, 2009

short trip to Italy

The southern Alps got blessed with snow recently. So I made a few days trip down to Italy. Driving there made me think that when you're shooting snowboarding there is no daily routine. This season already held so many different days. Getting up at 4 in the morning hunting some powder or be at a urban spot until 4 in the morning shooting rails. Of all facets of snowboard photography, shooting on the mountain in the backcountry is the real deal in my eyes. But it can be the worst when it comes to camera-out-of-the-bag time ratio.

Here are a few random photos from the past few days:

The Dolomites are a beautiful place on earth

weather changes every day

some snow in back light, the sun is going down behind a mountain

Part of the crew: Anne-Flore Marxer and...

Philipp Strauss, who just rode his line out till the end.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Tourist in Las Vegas

January has been quite a travel heavy month for me, I visited 4 countries. Every time I get to travel for work, I try to carve out some time for myself. If you follow my blog you probably noticed that here and here already.
End of the month I flew to Las Vegas, here are a few things I did and some impressions: cruising town with open eyes and ears is exhausting (no surprise), it's loud and advertisement everywhere. I walked "The Strip" a few times, saw the Mirage Secret Gardens (all animals were sleeping), the Bellagio fountains (awesome), the pirates show at the Treasure Island (lame) and went indoor skydiving (mega awesome). Las Vegas has no automatic doors and no watches. Watching the people there reminded me on the people in the spaceship in Wall-E (the Pixar movie).

that's what you'll get to see on a very early (jet lag) morning walk in Las Vegas

where the madness begins. the baggage claim. In a few moments you'll find yourself in cab taking the extra long route to your hotel, not the only rip off in Vegas

what's in the news today? oh strippers

mini statue of liberty at the New York New York

mini skyline of the New York New York

the airport is really close to the center, remember that when you get on a cab...

ze germans. secret gardens mirage

view from my room, the New York New York again

goofing around with my point and shoot camera

that's actually a pharmacy

Redman in concert

Sunday, February 1, 2009

photo exhibit at ISPO

I'm showing some snowboard photos at the ISPO trade show. If you're at the show, swing by, say hello. By the way, you can purchase those prints shown at the exhibit or get your own custom print. That of course goes for any photos you see on my blog, in a magazine or at my website. Just give me a shout at contact (at)