Friday, September 19, 2008

Snowstyle Cover!

Yeah, my shot of Josh Dirksen made it as a cover of Japan's snowboard magazine Snowstyle! If you can get your hands on the mag, go get it! I can't read what the text on the cover promises, but I know that there's a huge GAP Session story in it. Plus a couple of extra pages from a trip to France to try out another step over kicker, see below.

Adidas Eyewear

I just got these samples from Adidas, a poster and POP tool. The guys from Adidas Eyewear used my shot of Marko Grilc from a session in France this year. The print quality of the poster is amazing, stoked! They're using the same visuals for the ad as well.

Tourist in Paris

So, yesterday I went to Paris to attend the press event for the Shaun White Snowboarding Game and to meet Shaun himself. I guess this is going to be a nice little feature in Pleasure Magazine. With almost no time left I did a super quick tour trough town and went to check out some must-see places.
me in front of the Louvre

me and the Eifel Tower


dead dove

wow. baguette! I'm in France

tourist - on it!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

day at the lake

It's a rainy sunday in Munich and it is surprisingly cold outside. I spent a day at the lake this week and it felt like it was the last day of summer. Sunny days in fall are different just as the snow is different in early spring.

dude where's my bus?

School Bus, Costa Rica

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

You Want Prints?

Since I got my new website online some people were asking if they could order prints. That's no problem at all! You can get any image on my website or if you've seen a photo somewhere else, you can get that printed too.

All you have to do is give me a shout at:

There are many affordable options to get high quality prints, as well as superior high class photo paper prints or even canvas, whatever you desire...

Isenseven and Pleasure Clothing

This here are the first two ads for the new Isenseven and Pleasure apparel. See more Isen clothing here.

Growing Chilli

yeah, this is far off topic of what I normaly post here. But big success in growing chilli in Munich is the reason! I went to Sir Lanka last year and brought some dired chilli home with me. That stuff is not only hot as hell, apparently it's really tough too. From that dry stuff grew a big plant and soon I can be harvesting my new breed of Munich-Chilli.

Check out the process and some snaps from my trip:

Saturday, September 6, 2008

website fine tuning

been working on my website today. The overall performance is now way better and the images load much quicker. And still you can go full-screen without having your browser window resized, optimized for 23" screens. Nice! Have a look yourself:

I added "Image Info" to each photo in the Snowboard Gallery, click the info button and find out about rider and location.

By the way, if you've got an iPhone, check out my iPhone page by simply navigate to and you'll be forwarded to my Mobile Safari optimized site.

I launched my site just a few weeks ago and I already get visitors from arround the world. It was interesting to see how the visitors-map for the U.S. developed. It started out from the coasts and now there's a few land locked states in the middle where I get the least visitors.

I'll be updating my site again soon and hopefully I got some nice stories coming up for my blog since I'll be going on some trips.


The other day I went to Mayrhofen in Austria to shoot a photo with Steve Gruber for Pleasure Magazine's "Showroom". The readers can win every single piece of equpment of the featured pro rider's gear. Therefor they have to draw, build, glue somthing together that goes along with the theme of the photo. It's crazy what people send in sometimes, really impressive.

cables, cables, cables in Mayrhofen.

You'll find Steve's Showroom in the next issue of Please. Here's some old ones I did. 
Sani Alibabic:

Eero Ettala:

Darrell Matthes:

Friday, September 5, 2008

remote camera madness

If you are shooting snowboard events consider yourself lucky when it comes to using remotely controlled equipment. You may have to ask one of your photographer friends on which frequency he's on to avoid unnecessary hassle, that's about it (with some exceptions from time to time). Check out his video below from Vincent Laforent, and read the story on his blog.