Monday, December 27, 2010


I got a little portfolio and an interview in a german photography magazine called digit!

In der aktuellen (06/2010) Ausgabe des digit! Fotomagazins habe ich ein kleines Portfolio sowie ein Interview. Der Artikel blickt etwas hinter die Kulissen des Alltags der Action Sport Fotografie, im Interview beantworte ich einige Fragen zu Material oder den besonderen Umständen wenn man am Berg fotografiert.

Monday, December 20, 2010


I'll keep it short with this post, but since everybody is blogging in 2010 you can get a full 360° iPhone view on this trip on these guys blogs: Alex Schiller, Peter König and Tom Klocker.

We went to east germany to shoot some urban snowboarding. The new: a winch and a bungee rope opened up new spot possibilities. The old: the police sent us away quite a few times. And that's actually getting really old. It's funny how one activity is "allowed" and another isn't, reminded me of this brilliant clip by Nike, check it out here.


preparing the in-run with the winch

first try Klocker

the talented Mr. Schiller

pain + checking shots (in pain)

and even signing autographs, hey!

Sunday, December 12, 2010


Hawaii travel photos part three. I guess this will be part 3 of 3 and I'll start posting about my winter season as soon as the traveling does start.

rainbow + surf

the pain + the surf

sea + cows

doc zapalac would have loved this scene

some drinks

no rain no rainbows is what they say

early morning + backflips

surf + style

Thursday, December 2, 2010



I've been shooting some Golf again. It was great fun shooting it, quick decision based on how the weather is going to look like in a few hours during sunset. Got to the course, took a cart, raced to the location, set up and fired a few frames away before the sun disappeared. Sometimes I really enjoy working that way. I can't post the actual photo, but here's how our little setup looked like (people love that stuff):

quick and easy light setup with two Profoto strobes

Vor kurzem habe ich wieder Golf fotografiert. Nachdem das Wetter für den späten Nachmittag gut aussah sind wir schnell los, unkomplizierter Aufbau und los gings bevor es zu dunkel wurde. Das eigentliche Bild kann ich leider noch nicht zeigen, das muss noch vier, fünf Monate warten. Hier unser Aufbau - zwei Blitze, Schläger und ein Eimer Bälle.