Monday, October 19, 2009


Finland has one of the best snowboard scenes I've witnessed. And some of the best riders in the world come from there as well, no coincidence. There's this resort called Talma just outside of Helsinki. Since it's dark most of the time in winter anyways, they've got lights so you can ride pretty much any time of the day. Naturally people go for a shred after work or school and sure enough you'll always run into someone you know. How great is that?

I've shot a story there this winter that got published in Pleasure Snowboard Magazine (Germany) and Snowstyle (Japan). Here are some tear-sheets, check out the full story in the mags - they're at newsstands now.

Pleasure (GER)

Snowstyle (JP)

Thank you: Ali, Eero, Rasmus, Iikka, Jani, Eric, Eiki, and the rest of the gang

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Take a peek at the look-book for the Isenseven 2009/2010 clothing collection on their website. Or check out the latest two ads over at my work blog. As always I had a great time shooting with the Isenseven guys, thanks to Esel and everyone involved!

Hier ein paar Bilder aus dem Lookbook der Isenseven 2009/2010 clothing collection. Mehr davon gibt's auf deren Facebook Seite.

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