Thursday, February 24, 2011

Japan arrival

On the way to Japan I got paged a few times between flights and had to prove that my Profoto flash is travel safe. That's nothing new, but this time I had to go through the procedure way too many times. Highlight was a committee of five persons standing around my bags with rules and regulations for a good half an hour.
But now, I'm off to Hokkaido to shoot some snowboarding, dang!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Air and Style and ISPO and Air and Style

A lot of people working in the snowboard industry had a busy time with one Air & Style Contest in Innsbruck, the ISPO tradeshow the next couple days and the Munich Air & Style following up.
Here are some shots and captions:

the legendary venue in Innsbruck
ISPO, entrance West - my photos printed big, right over the entrance, on the inside and the outside

the HEAD Snowboard booth had a lot of my photos hanging on the walls. Top right is the shot that's at the entrance as well. Bottom left is Christophe's beer and bottom right are some travel photos setting the mood for the travel bags corner of the booth.
the setup at the Air & Style in Munich

Top left to bottom right: Jamie Nicholls stoked me, first killing it on the jump in Innsbruck and then getting second in the Rail competition in Munich. David Benedek came to witness the double cork craziness that he started three years ago in the same stadium. Peetu must have knees of steel or how do you explain his stomp while having the flue? The deserved winner and Sepp Blatter of Snowboarding, but in a good way. And the iconic Munich stadium.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Now that's creative use of a photo, Christophe Schmidt has his own signature beer. Swing by the HEAD booth at the 2011 ISPO in Munich and have a drink with us!
I shot this last summer and was surprised to see the photo now in use. Props to HEAD, it's such a rad brand!

Looks like I'm having a Bavarian theme week here on the blog, first the music now the beer.