Monday, November 23, 2009


With snowboard magazines getting published mostly during the early season, at times you can have a lot of your work floating around out there at the same time. Here are some tear-sheets of what's on newsstands right now and what I've been blogging about earlier so I wanted to get some of the results up on the blog as well.

Whitelines, #86, GB
Rider: Christophe Schmidt

Slammer Magazine, 04/09, FIN
Rider: Sami Saarenpää - I wrote about our shoot here...

Free Magazine, December, CZ
Multi pages article about Talma, wrote about it earlier...

Document ,#59, GB
Rider: David Benedek. This shot and double cork sequence from one year earlier. Really good interview with David that highlight some special moments in his career.

Snowboard Magazine, December, USA
Rider: Eero Ettala. Some portraits for his interview, initially shot for Pleasure Mag in Germany.

Left page: Transworld Snowboard Magazine, USA. Shaun McKay in Arlberg, read the blog here...
Right page: Pleasure Magazin, #82, GER
A "how to" article with Christophe Schmidt. A multi page sequence massacre shot in Mammoth, check my travel post here...

It's good timing to see your photos printed and get motivated for the winter. Soon it's going to be early bird missions and hiking. And in a year from all the sweat and travel it took to take these photos is forgotten and magazines hit newsstands. People, buy more magazines!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Winter is around the corner

With some early snow falls it's already full on winter in the higher regions of the Alps. Being in the city you wouldn't expect this at all. You even get funny looks when carrying snowboard equipment through Munich.

The other day I was shooting at a pretty unique location...

...the next day back in Munich looked like this.