Saturday, September 6, 2008

website fine tuning

been working on my website today. The overall performance is now way better and the images load much quicker. And still you can go full-screen without having your browser window resized, optimized for 23" screens. Nice! Have a look yourself:

I added "Image Info" to each photo in the Snowboard Gallery, click the info button and find out about rider and location.

By the way, if you've got an iPhone, check out my iPhone page by simply navigate to and you'll be forwarded to my Mobile Safari optimized site.

I launched my site just a few weeks ago and I already get visitors from arround the world. It was interesting to see how the visitors-map for the U.S. developed. It started out from the coasts and now there's a few land locked states in the middle where I get the least visitors.

I'll be updating my site again soon and hopefully I got some nice stories coming up for my blog since I'll be going on some trips.

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