Sunday, February 8, 2009

Tourist in Las Vegas

January has been quite a travel heavy month for me, I visited 4 countries. Every time I get to travel for work, I try to carve out some time for myself. If you follow my blog you probably noticed that here and here already.
End of the month I flew to Las Vegas, here are a few things I did and some impressions: cruising town with open eyes and ears is exhausting (no surprise), it's loud and advertisement everywhere. I walked "The Strip" a few times, saw the Mirage Secret Gardens (all animals were sleeping), the Bellagio fountains (awesome), the pirates show at the Treasure Island (lame) and went indoor skydiving (mega awesome). Las Vegas has no automatic doors and no watches. Watching the people there reminded me on the people in the spaceship in Wall-E (the Pixar movie).

that's what you'll get to see on a very early (jet lag) morning walk in Las Vegas

where the madness begins. the baggage claim. In a few moments you'll find yourself in cab taking the extra long route to your hotel, not the only rip off in Vegas

what's in the news today? oh strippers

mini statue of liberty at the New York New York

mini skyline of the New York New York

the airport is really close to the center, remember that when you get on a cab...

ze germans. secret gardens mirage

view from my room, the New York New York again

goofing around with my point and shoot camera

that's actually a pharmacy

Redman in concert

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