Monday, November 2, 2015


Back in September I went on a huge mission - a shoot in two countries, lot's of travel, crew, talent... It was also the third time I went to shoot in the desert this year (here's 1 and 2), must be a trending thing.

We shot lifestyle and sports, it was both challenging and fun. A huge thanks to everyone who made this possible, super duper special thanks to Vio, Izaak and John! Let's do this again!

Here's some behind the scenes footage which I can share by now...

iPhone clip of a second long video recorded almost each day:

The top bit of the Burj Khalifa, we went all the way up one night. I think you can go half way for a third of the price which is less of a rip off.

Dubai main-street at night

The Burj everywhere you go...

city taxi

Desert Taxi. A Toyota with almost 600.000km on the clock
Location scouting
I brought my snowboard for a couple of runs.

messy base-camp

This was definitely just shortly after sunrise and just moments before the sand got burning hot
The afternoon held some mixed weather for us. Sunny on the right, rainy on the left and we thought it's funny that it's raining in the desert.

just moments later the wind picked up and we found ourselves in a massive sand and rain strom

discussing shots with the DOP and wind-machines just in case the roof was not windy

phone stack at lunch, first one to pick it up pays for the table

the beach set up from far away

The last morning of two weeks of super early call times.

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