Friday, February 24, 2012


There's usually, but especially recently not many words being blogged on my little part of the internet right here. So here're some links to websites where smart and / or entertaining things have been said.

The Jake Stangel Guide to doing the damn thing aka get where u wanna go.
excerp from part 3 of 4:

3/4’s of this whole “I like totally wanna be take photos professionally!” equation, and your ultimate success, depends on your ability to make great photographs. (...)
Again, I don’t want to commercialize, commodify, or finance-ify (??) photography because there are MFAs up in here reading this wearing V-necks and Urban Outfitters cardigans, and they all just heavily sighed, but let’s be real here folks. Photographers provide a unique service: we need to be professionals at performing under pressure, not great situations, time crunches, bad light, rolling with the punches, and making awesome work through all of these obstacles. This means rising to the occasion and being very dependable at taking awesome, engaging, unique photographs under a range of situations beyond our control, even if the subject gives us only 5 minutes, even if we’re jetlagged, even if it’s dumping rain, even if the absolute fucking last thing we want to do is go out and make some photographs, we’ve gotta go out and perform.  (...)
You need to approach a photo editor with a preexisting body of work that does not speculate on the fact that you might take really good photographs if you were hired. Your portfolio needs to prove this. It can be 100% personal work. You just need to demonstrate that you can shoot. Your portfolio and website need to be a vehicle that high fives photo editors and wraps its arms around their shoulder and softly whispers in their ear, “hey girl, hop in my Hyundai Sonata, let’s do this, I got you”.

Joerg Colberg - Photography and Doubt
(...) too much trust - photographic cockiness - will result in unpolished or superficial work, in bad edits. To create the perfect edit, for example, you need the ability to question your images, the way they work, the way they speak to each other. (...)

Snowstoked Interview - In Focus
Tooting my own horn, Snowstoked did interview me in their latest "In Focus" series. Go check it out.

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