Tuesday, August 24, 2010

ORTOVOX iPhone App, Katalog und Poster


Eins der schönsten Projekte im vergangenen Winter war die Produktion für ORTOVOX. Fotografiert wurde beispielsweise Schneeschuh, Skitour, Hochtour und Freeride. Die Fotos werden für Kataloge, Poster für Shops, Anzeigen und eine iPhone App verwendet. Hier ein paar Beispiele, mehr gibt's hier zu sehen. Haltet außerdem die Augen auf, die neue Webseite von Ortovox geht bald online.

The production for ORTOVOX was one of the great projects I shot back home in the Alps. These photos will run in print advertising, catalogs and shop merchandise as well as in an iPhone App. Above are some examples - catalog and posters, see here for some more.


ZeroGravity said...

Hey Christian,
just read the post about your equipment (or that you don't write much about it here) and since I very much admire your work I thought I'd ask you. Since I have a DSLR myself I'd like to take some pictures of the park/backcountry sessions with my friends. I however got no clue of what would be an appropriate lens (focal length mainly) for this purpose - is 70-200mm enough, or do I need more? What are you mainly using in such situations? Thanks a lot!

Keep up your great work.

Christian Brecheis Photography said...

Thanks Pascal!

Regarding the lens - I'd say you're on the right track with the 70-200. The majority of photos in the mags are shot with this lens. If you have Canon, check out the f4.0 version and if you have a Nikon, maybe you can get a good deal on a 80-200, in case you don't want to go for the pro version.

ZeroGravity said...

Thanks a lot for sharing your knowledge! One additional question: Would you consider IS/VR an important feature? I got a Canon and the IS version of the 70-200mm f/4 would exceed my budget so the 70-300mm with IS would probably be the only affordable option in that case..

Christian Brecheis Photography said...

personally I wouldn't give the is/vr feature priority. Especially for shooting action. Choose the better glass over the features. my 2 cents.