Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Hooray for Nikon

Usually I don't write much about equipment on my blog. If you would like to hear more, drop me a comment. On a quite frequent basis I answer questions on photography that people email me. I'm thinking of answering them on the blog so everyone can benefit.

Today I wanted to write a little something about Nikon, since I make a living by using Nikon products. I started using Nikon with an entry level SLR and soon got a F5. Now I've tried several cameras from their digital line, but almost 100 percent of the time I use a D3. I used to shoot a lot of Fuji Provia and if I was shooting in low light, I used to push the Provia 400 +2 stops. In that way I could shoot at ISO 1600 which did the trick for most situations.
I know that everyone is celebrating the high ISO performances that the new cameras have. I'm using it, but it's not the killer feature for me. I actually wish the D3 had ISO 100 as the basis ISO level. And here comes the 'but': I recently shot photos that would have been impossible other than using high shutter speeds at high ISO levels. This gave me a lot more room for ideas, stoked!
Another thing is the service. I'm a NPS member, means I can take advantage of the Nikon Professional Services. Apparently Nikon always used to offer great customer service. I based my decision to chose Nikon equipment back in "film days" on that. Today good service is essential to me and I'm having no complains whatsoever.
Brand loyalty as far as it concerns photographers is not such a big deal anymore in these days than it used to be. But besides having the right product line up, products that keep up to the expectations, the service is to me what makes the difference. So allow me a little hooray for Nikon here on my personal blog ;)

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