Sunday, August 17, 2008

phone camera

Do you like to use your phone's camera? I'm never sure to be honest. Sometimes it's perfect because you don't cause much attention. Sometimes looking on your photos it makes you wish you have had a better camera.
Here's some shots I found on my phone.

I recently went to Estonia. I spent most of my time far away from the city but went to Tallinn to catch the ferry to Helsinki from there. There was this guy, wearing Croks (already suspicious, right?) walking arround with a wheelie bag. He took a break in the grass just next to the street, opened his suitcase and let his snake have some fresh air. Yes, a snake. I don't belive it's much fun for a snake to be carried arround in a bag. Luckily the snake didn't freak out, because the guy got a lot of attention within few minutes and people started to gather arround to check out his luggage. Soon it was too much for the sketchy guy and he zipped up his bag and took off.

Back on the ferry I saw this sign. First smoking is now allowed to the right, but that's not what made me wonder. I just don't believe that the average tourist will be able to perform the steps to get the rescue boat to the water. Image this ship sinks and you take your time to follow these 6 steps on the sign, no big deal hu? But if you look close, there's part "A" and wind 4 times to the left and take this thing off and pull here... Whatevs... life vests in airplanes don't make me feel save as well.

I like multiple covers, especially if you see them displayed like this.

Not eco-friendly, but comfortable to have the exit row all for yourself.

One would think that DHL is a big enough company to get their cars fixed properly...

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