Tuesday, July 15, 2008

free prints!

...well, almost - at least small prints. I ordered the new business cards at Moo. They turned out pretty nice. I used some funny snapshots and some of my work. For 50 cards you can select up to 50 images which is really nice.

If you drop me an eMail at contact@christianbrecheis.com and tell me what kind of my photos you like most, I put together a selection of these cards and send them to you by mail.

The order procedure on the Moo website (www.moo.com) is really well thought-out. If you want to get your own cards printed, just keep in mind to have room for the bleed and that the colors in print will be undersaturated. (at least my cards were especially lacking some red)

You'll get the cards in a little black box. Quite handy to keep the cards arround or keep the cards you receive. They even put two file cards in there to seperate your cards from the ones you get.

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